The Erasmus Huis, Dutch Cultural Centre in Jakarta Indonesia

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Exhibition “Stille Passanten”

September 20 until November 15 2014

Did you know that in the last century more than 30,000 Javanese people emigrated to Suriname? Do you want to know more about their migration?

Permata Photo Journalist Grant 2014

Fellowship to Amsterdam –April 2015

Training and grant which are aimed to develop the quality of photo journalists in Indonesia. Join the Permata Photo Journalist Grant (PPG) 2014. For registration please read the information below. Both the conditions and the registration for Erasmus Huis Fellowship to Amsterdam (April 2015) will be announced in February 2015.


October 17, 2014 The Dutch cartoonist Peter van Dongen is selected as Writer of the Month by Gramedia. Peter van Dongen wrote a lot of visual novels. His books 'Rampokan Jawa dan Selebes' are best known.

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